Elite Pet Salon - Using All Natural Products For Your All Natural Pet!

Services That I Can Provide Your Pet
Dog Grooming:A full grooming service includes:
pre bath groom, nails clipped, ears cleaned, sanitary area clipped. Then it's off to the tub
Thorough, hand washing and massage with all natural shampoo and conditioner which I find most dogs love!! I presently have over 8 all natural shampoos in the salon so all breeds, and coat types are catered for.
After washing there are several methods of drying, these depend on the type of coat your pet has. I will choose the best method that suits your pets coat and temperament but rest assured he/she will be coming home completely dry. 
Hair cut
Once completely dry it's haircut time to your chosen style. 
Touch up includes:It is not always necessary to give a complete hair cut at every visit, a great way to have your dogs coat maintained between full grooms is a touch up of sanitary area, nails, ears, anal glands, feet, face and bath (I see some of my special clients every 2 weeks!!)
Anal Gland Expressing
Most animals need their glands expressed. We do this at the time of bathing, which is included in grooming. Ala Carte $5
 Nail Trim
We can do nail clipping while you wait.$5
Flea treatments
All Natural, Botanical Flea Bath. $3 extra with grooming.
Oral Care
Teeth brushing and plaque prevention.
$2 with grooming. $5 a la carte
(dogs only)
• Stringent hygiene procedures.
Up to 2-3 hour grooming sessions
per dog(dependent on coat).
All types of coat condition treated
from the badly matted to the standard undercoat-strip groom.
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