Elite Pet Salon - Using All Natural Products For Your All Natural Pet!
Whether your pet needs a full service grooming, a bath and brush or a quick nail trim and manicure, you'll find it here at Elite Pet Salon.
 Toenails: $5
Small Dogs:  Toy-Min. Poodles, Shih tzus, Yorkies, maltese, Pomeranians etc...
Full Clip: $40      Touch Up: $30
Bath & Brush: $25
Medium Dogs: Schnauzers, Westies, Scotties, Bichons, Cocker Spaniels etc...
Full Clip: $40-45      Touch Up: $30-35
  Bath & Brush: $25-30

Big DogsWe are limited to 40lbs or under on our medium to big dogs.
Short Coats: Boxers, Labradore Ret.,etc... 
                  Bath & Brush: $35-40

Medium Coats: Border Collies, Aussies
                            Bath & Brushes: $45-60
                            Clips: $45 & up
Extra Handling: $10
     * FREE toenail clipping In Between Regular Groomings
Cat Grooming: All Breeds
Short & Long Hair Bath & Brush: $30-$35
Shaving W/Bath: $35
Shaving W/Out Bath: $25
(Nail Clipping Included In Prices)
 * All Prices are subject to change without notice
                               (208) 553-3959
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