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ELITE PET SALON Valued Customers:

As owners and operators of Elite Pet Salon we value each and every one of our customers.  Not only with the care and attention we give to each of your pets, but also with your valuable time.  We try very diligently to schedule according to your wishes.  Please understand our very large customer base, makes it difficult to accomplish. Because of this we schedule appointments back to back so that we can ensure that all our customers get in when they need and in a timely fashion.

Each appointment time that you are scheduled is exclusively yours. Here at Elite Pet Salon every one of our customers has a set appointment that was booked ahead from a previous appointment, which results in a standing appointment. At each appointment we give either an appointment card, a text stating your next appointment or an email.

Also, at least 1 day before each one of your appointments we send out courtesy reminders that consist of texts, phone calls, or email. [PLEASE make sure we have your most current information.]

Policy Changes Effective January 2017:  Elite Pet Salon we will be implementing these changes in order to ensure the success and stability of our business. 

NO SHOW FEES >Due to the increases in “No Shows”, same day cancellations, and tardiness we will be implementing a charge that will be no more and no less than what your grooming appointment would be for that time. This charge will be added to your next scheduled grooming appointment.

  • “No Show” not showing up at the time of your scheduled appointment without any notification.
  • Same day cancellations result in us not being able to fill your appointment which becomes the same as a “No Show”.
  • Showing up late 15 minutes or more for your scheduled appointment is tardiness and will result in us turning you away until your next scheduled appointment in turn will result in a “no show”.

NEW CLIENTS >Elite Pet Salon is at capacity and not able to accept new clients at this time. If you adopt a new pet along with your existing pet/pets we will try diligently to get them in the book ahead rotation, but please have patience if it doesn’t happen right away.

DOGS OVER 40# >We love all our big to large dogs, unfortunately 30 years in this business has taken a toll on our backs. Aside from our existing clientele, we will not be able to groom dogs over 40#. Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

Thank you for your continued business with us. We are thankful for each and every one of you. Your pets have become like our pets and we hope to have many more years with each of you and your furry kids.

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